Donnerstag, 20. November 2014

Wolfrunefest presents "In Slaughter Natives" (Official) live @Dark Sun Club Athens 28.11.2014 Open at 21:00

Hello again,

here a short shout/info about a concert with "In Slaughter Natives live in the "Dark Sun Club Athens." 


In Slaughter Natives (Official) 
Dark Sun Club Athens 28 November (support by iN sCissors)

Art Abscons-Spektral Magik ( free Album Bandcamp ) by Art Abscons

Hail friends,

again Art Abscons give a album for free.You can grab it for free or you are free to spend a little "donate", if you support this artist.

Spektral Magik (free download)


1.Somnium I 00:00 / 03:44
2.Somnium II 03:41
3.Somnium III 04:00
4.Somnium IV 04:42
5.Somnium V 05:16
6.Somnium VI 03:15
7.Somnium VII 13:52

"Irony is the clear consciousness of eternal agility, of an infinitely teeming chaos."
(Friedrich Schlegel)

I come from the abyss of time and space.

Life is abscons. Why not art? If a question is asked with the aim of confusing, the answer must disconcert the questioner. Each particle has its doppelganger at the other end of the universe to which it is linked by abscons forces. These particles act like mirror images. If one is capable of detecting the invisible strings which connect them, they can be brought together just by pulling those strings. Once they meet at the mirror surface, they become one, and the energy we so far obtain from thermo-nuclear fusion is ten times nothing in comparison to the energy obtained from the fusion of doppelganger entities.

Such is the force of contradiction. Since the energetic strings which tie the universe together do not only run through space, but also through time, everything you do or think in the present is not only affecting the future but also the past. Each time you read a book, no matter how old, it will be written afresh and change its meaning. Each time you behold a flower it is you who creates it and who lends it beauty. It is the constant awareness of this creative capacity which constitutes the basis for Spektral Magik to which the correlation of spectral colours, musical notes, the visible objects in the solar system and the days of the week is an essential key.

released 06 September 2008

Featuring: Art Abscons, Véra W'r..H, Patricia Rubio

Link to the download: *Click*

Please check also his other Albums, they're simpley great.

Neofolk-Fanart (with Lyrics on english and german) by Antamba Sonn Hagal - Eismahd


lange nichts geschrieben, lange lag der Blog brach.ich will trotzdem mal wieder was veröffentlichen, was ein Freund und Kamerad von mir mir freundlicherweise zur Verfügung gestellt hat.Ich finds wunderschön, genau wie der Song.Danke dir dafür!

Antamba selbst schrieb dazu:"To explain the story in short:
He had linked me one of his favorized vids:Sonne Hagal - Eismahd. I've listened to it and found out, that this were very poetical lyrics of old german words. After telling my discovery to him, I offered him to translate it into english. He agreed - and.. here we are.

Hail brothers!

Art by Antamba


Sonne Hagal - Eismahd

Musik: Death in June

Dunkle Grüße und bliebt gesund.

Antamba&Shinma Reutrod